Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Hit Wonders

It's been a long time since I rock and rolled....
If you could actually hear me singing that, it would seem much funnier.

Well, I've been absent and blessedly silent for a while. Things have been hectic. I've had a lot of school work to do, the kids have been busy, I've been planning my annual Veteren's Day party, and volunteering quite a bit. It gets to be too much sometimes and I have to take a hiatus.
I think my brain sort of shuts down it's creative side during that time and I'm unable to focus when I get to the torch. The will is there and the desire is there, but the well is empty of inspiration. I'm hoping that next week I'll be fully refreshed and ready to put out some ideas.
I have to admit that I've been a little frustrated lately, too. I see certain beadmakers who are riding a wave a success that is based so much on formulaic creation that it saddens me. What I mean is, they sort of don't really know much technique but they stumble across an idea that people take to and then they just keep making the same bead or beads over and over again. Different colors and different glass, but just the same rehashed idea. To some people, this is a 'signature' but I think of signature more as a style, not a specific bead.

They make these Stepford Beads continually, market themselves, and the next thing you know, they are a sensation. Everyone is blowing up about how innovative and talented they are but, in reality, if you asked them to make another kind of bead, they probably couldn't do it. They don't know the basics. I guess it's all in the marketing. They are like a certain extremely famous glass blower who doesn't actually blow glass who shall remain nameless.

I guess it's just me. Jealousy? You betcha. I work hard, try new things continuously, and work very hard on perfecting technique. That's important to me.
All right, already. I'll go whine elsewhere and try to figure out a signature piece that will set the lampworking community on fire.

Hee hee. Get it?

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Hi Laurie. Should have commented on this one earlier - got way too carried away with the Toad in the Hole stuff etc. Recognised instantly your comments about beadmakers jumping on one set design and simply churning out endless "varieties" of the same thing. What I find mind boggling is the amount of money people seem prepared to fork out for the same thing over and over. Presumably they make the same fairly formulaic stuff from them which sells and that's part of the reason but the AMOUNT they seem prepared to pay is just staggering. What I absolutely love about your beads is their uniqueness which is why none of yours are going anywhere else. And they really grow on you. The more I look the more I see. "Journeys End" is a fantastic example of that and has become a constant companion. I just like to look at it and hold it. Very mesmerising. I would put in a "please don't do anything formulaic" plea except that I sense that's the last thing you really intend to do! Hooray! Enjoy your weekend.
February 1, 2008 @ 1:03 PM
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