Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To clear up some things...

January 23, 2008
5:39 AM
To clear up some things.....
For some reason, I have been unable to respond to any recent comments made at the Mermaid's Tale. Sorry about that. I just wanted to clear up and respond, so I'll will dedicate this post to that mission:

Lynette - Thanks so much for asking about my dad. He had a clear scan this time and he is doing well. This was the first time in nearly 4 years that he has been relatively well and we are all taking a deep breath. I should have posted that information earlier but, I guess, when you get good news after so much bad news, you almost don't want to believe it. And you don't want to talk about it, draw attention to the fact that somebody must have made a mistake - we couldn't possibly be the ones with the good news.

Rebecca - Please don't think I'm making fun of anything British. Toad in the Hole? Love it! Love tea, love scones, love Prince William. Looove him! I feel a little pervy saying that but, seriously, how beautiful is that kid? And lil Harry is shaping up nicely, too. You should start a blog. I bet it would be liberating for you. I'll come read it.

Julie- Thank you! Now, the reason I don't make more beads is twofold. First, I don't have very much time. I have kids, do volunteer work, go to college and basically run every aspect of my small family/empire.

Second - and this is really the core of the problem - I make a lot more beads than I ever list for sale. I'm a perfectionist and I love to experiment. Not a good combination. It means I end up with a lot of beads that are interesting, but not good enough to sell. The only beads that I list for sale are ones that I am so in love with that I have to talk myself into parting with them. So, if you ever have any of my beads, you should know that they probably sat in this small, aqua-blue fused glass bowl on my dresser for about a month and a half, together with my wedding ring, two seashells and an acorn that my son picked up at the softball fields. I most likely picked them up several times, held them up to the light, showed them to friends and family, bought jewelry components to match them in the hopes I could make myself something beautiful out of them, and then finally admitted to self that self sucks at jewelry design and the beads deserve better. Then I list them for sale. If that information makes you uncomfortable, you should proably avoid my beads alltogether.

That's all I have for today. I'm working on some things but I haven't gotten pictures taken yet. Will be back with new stuff in the next day or so.
Have a great day!

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Hey, we British actually NEED to have fun poked! Does us good! Very pleased to know that the beads I have from you have sat for a while. Maybe that's why they feel so special. The more I look and handle them the better they get. Perhaps I will look into the whole blogging thing. Put the Toad in the Hole recipe up! lol
January 28, 2008 @ 12:02 PM

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ups and downs....

Today was supposed to be a brilliant day. The kids were off school, so it was just going to be us. We had a couple of important errands to do.

First, we were going to get their passport photos done. That is an exciting thing! I don't think at their ages I even knew what a passport was. But, we like to travel and I want to make sure they're ready when the time comes to go out of the country. I mean, they've been to Mexico and the Bahamas, back before a passport was necessary. But for the last couple of years, while my dad has been sick, we've traveled only in the U.S.. Now that he's doing better, we're planning to go farther afield again. Yay! (*note - Cost for passports...not yay.)

After that, we were going to open their bank accounts, primarily using their saved coins. They both have investment accounts, but no savings accounts - except their piggies, of course.
So, it was going to be a pretty big day. But at the photo shop, the passport photos turned out horrible. Just awful, really. I mean, my kids are pretty cute, but these pics didn't even look like them. The picture lady gave me a total hassle about redoing them. I hate fighting with people but I am not known for my ability to let things go. So, just when I thought we were gonna have to throw down, she relented. I won, but it was unpleasant. Deeply.
Then, when we got to the bank, the teller informed me that their would be a minimum charge of $8 + an additional $8 per half hour for each child to process their coins. What? I mean, they have an automatic change counter. I have 3 bank accounts plus a home mortgage with this bank. They can't count some little kid's change? So, all pumped up from my recent victory at the Walgreen's photo lab, I say to the teller, "What if I just deposit the money into my account? There shouldn't be a charge for that." She says, no - that there is still a charge because somebody still has to count the change and roll it. WHAT? It's a bank. Isn't that their job? I mean, isn't that what they do all day and what the Teller gets a paycheck for in the first place, counting money? That's the craziest thing I ever heard. So my kiddies ended up with no bank accounts and a weekend project consisting of counting and rolling about $200 in pennies, nickles and dimes. (I use all the quarters for tolls.)

Finally, it's time to stop for the ice cream which we all so desperately need. Unfortunately, Connor is suddenly sick and barfy.(Not that I blame him. I felt pretty sick and barfy myself, by this time.) He was cranky and insistent on going home but I thought he was just being whiney and wanting to play on his DS. (Anyone who has a kid with a DS will understand that I am justified in my initial reaction.) Sadly, I was incorrect. He came home, climbed into my bed because it was 'cool and soft and squishy'. I had just put clean sheets and my winter down comforter on it. It is a heavenly puffy bed. After sleeping for about an hour, he woke up and said he was much better, though he felt a little burpy. Then he did burp. We giggled.
Then he threw up. All over my cool and soft and squishy, dry-clean only bed. Lovely. Poor little guy. After we got him cleaned up he said, "I'm just not having a good day."

Yeah, you and me both, buddy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To teach or not to teach? That is the question....

Well, I've finally got a minute to sit down and chat. The kids are back at school and R is back at work and it's very quiet here. I miss the activity, but I did get a chance to get back to the torch. Nothing worth singing about. I almost felt like I had to relearn how to make beads, after such a long break.

Speaking of breaking, I had a bad batch of silver glass. I ended up with some gorgeous beads, because the glass was lovely. Unfortunately, it was completely incompatible with other glass and every single piece ended up either broken or with stress cracks. It was nearly two full days at the torch that ended up in the trash can. Very disappointing!
I have been considering the possibility of teaching a class. I've been asked about it a few times, but have been too nervous. I've never taught anything before and am unsure about my ability to stay on track. I'll have to give it some thought.
I've also added some of my more artistic photography to my Flickr account. Nothing fabulous, but it is fun to post images and get feedback from likeminded folks. Come check them out if you get a chance.

I did get a few listings in this week and I'll show them to you now. They are all listed on eBay now.
New Caledonia

Well, that's it for now. I have editing to do and errands to run and the kids are out of school at 1:00 this week and off on Friday, so short work days for me.
Have a great day,

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Whether you know it or not, there are those of us out "here" that are reading your blogs and enjoying your incredible art of bead making!!! Don't stop blogging!!!!! Did I miss something or is "no news", "good news" regarding your father? Was he clear of his cancer during his last scan? I am a 40ish mom of two totally awesome sons, ages 7 and 4, and my life has been touched by those with cancer. As far as teaching goes......maybe its just what you need to be motivated, inspired, or just a fun time to share your "gift/talent" and have some grown up, social time all to yourself. Of course, if you are looking for reasons NOT to teach....maybe your plate is already too full, more time away from your family/home. I guess I am not that much help am I? Regardless, I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, and browsing thru all that mermaid has to offer. Conratulations, you have a beautiful family, and the beads you make seem to reflect some of the love you see in them. They are always awesome!! Take Care, Lynette
January 17, 2008 @ 8:45 AM

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm free, to do what I want...

So, the kids are back in incarceration..uh...I mean school. Hub's back to the daily grind. So it's just lil' ole me, here by my lonesome. What to do, what to do....
Get my life back, that's what I do! 16 days of uninterrupted family time is quite sufficient, thank you very much. More power to those Super Mommies out there who can't stand to be separated from their offspring for more than fifteen minutes at a stretch. Who weep mournfully as their kiddies get on the bus. Who then race down to the school at 11:00 so they can all have lunch together, every single day.
I love my kids very much. It's a cliche, of course, but I sometimes feel like I was just biding time until they were born - like I didn't really 'get it' until I had them. I adore the time we spend together and I try to make it fun, meaningful and fulfilling. That being said, I also recognize the fact that we are separate entities. They have lives and interests and things that do not include me. Likewise.
This is as it should be in a healthy growing process. I can not invest my entire sense of worth and well-being into my children. Not when my biggest purpose in their lives is to raise them in a way that will ensure that they grow up and leave me some day. If I am doing my job properly, I am raising healthy, happy, stable, balanced human beings with dreams that they are completely certain of fullfilling. Human beings with hopes of their own for new experiences and adventures, in whatever form those things may take. If I succeed at motherhood - which is sometimes iffy, I'll admit - my children will leave me alone in the nest that I have built for us, take flight and soar.
Do I want my beautiful babies to leave? Never. Do I hope that they do? You better believe it. Because that will mean we've made it, wound through the dark and tangled woods of childhood/parenthood and come out on the other side.
Plus, I will no longer have to turn a million grubby, little boy socks right-side-out before putting them in the washing machine, step on legos in the middle of the night, give time-outs and get called 'Mean Mommy', and help with math homework (which is getting surprisingly difficult, I'm embarrassed to say!).

..............Wow, I really missed them today. I think I might go down and meet them for lunch tomorrow. Whadda ya think?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tree frogs and other terrifying things....

Today, I had a near perfect day. I got a lot of work done. My kids barely fought at all. Hubby finished a complicated but necessary home renovation project. And, in the afternoon, all four of us went golfing. I know, that sounds a little dull, but it was cool. We all just had a blast. I let my son steer the golf cart for a couple of minutes. It made him feel very grown up. My daughter was hitting really well, so she was very proud of herself. She got to drive the cart by herself. She did a surprisingly good job. Hub is an avid golfer so he had a blast. I was pretty much along for the ride. I just dressed like a goomba and drank a couple of beers. It was fun and very relaxing.
So, being in such a benevolent mood, I thought that tonight I'd share a little bit about myself - not work, family or bead related.

The first ten items on my "Siren's Song" list:
1. I was voted 'Most Popular', 'Nicest' and 'Best Dressed' in Junior High.
2. Ironically (see 1.), I had barely a date or a boyfriend my entire High School career.
3. I despise the Hollywood culture and everything about it that the tabloids try to force feed this country. I think most celebrities are spoiled, narcissistic, neurotic, egomaniacs with little or no real skills. (Wow, Laurie, jealous much?)
4. I made a Life List eighteen years ago - before it was 'the' thing to do - and have only accomplished 10 things on it
5. I once had eight cats
6. Though I am not religious, when I am in an embarrassing scenario, I sometimes wonder if my deceased loved ones can see me and are thoroughly disgusted by the whole process.
7. I believe that being tall is the best thing EVER!
8. I hate squirrels and fear both raccoons and tree frogs. (There's a story to support my Tree Frog Phobia, but I'll need about a bottle of Pinot before I divulge!)
9. I love the ocean but am deathly afraid to go under water.
10. Ding-Dongs are my favorite snack food. I can eat a whole box by myself in one sitting.

Wow, I'm drained. I feel so.....empty.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pants on Fire

I'm a big fat liar!!!!!
I said I'd post and update and put up some pics and I didn't do any of that.
We ended up going to St. Augustine for a New Year's celebration and then lingering around for most of the next day, hanging out and wasting time. My friend and I took the kids down to the beach to play in the sand while the 'menfolk' busied themselves with football. Watching, of course, not playing. I'm giggling a little just at the thought of my husband in those pants. Not that he's not, like, totally hot and all. Seriously. Hot, he's damn hot, I tell you.
So, anyway, we were at the beach, bundled up in sweatshirts and sweatpants and, I think maybe some mittens. Meantime, the vacationers were actually in BATHING SUITS! And they were SWIMMING! In the OCEAN!!!!!!
It was shocking and just a little bit frightening. I mean, it was only about 75 degrees. What were they thinking? I mean, we're not savages, for crying out loud. If you must swim in January, at least do it in the Bahamas.
So, anyway, I have a few pics. Most of them haven't been edited but I do have a new set of Painted Ladies. I like the funky, fun feel of these and this is one of my favorite color combinations. They will be listed on eBay tonight.


~*Journey's End*~
And this is a gorgeous focal that I just love. I actually made it about two months ago, and just got a chance to photograph it. It has the most gorgeous, lush colors in it. I got an excellent reaction from Double Helix's Terra.

I do have several others, I just haven't had the time to take pics. But I will.
Have a great day!
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