Monday, November 24, 2008

Got beads?

No? Well I do!

Seriously, I've got more beads than I know what to do with. In fact, I have so many that I decided to put together some small jewelry pieces to use as Christmas gifts for friends and family. So, yesterday, I got all the beads I wanted to use out and got them organized. But, as I was rescuing some from my lampworking bench, I noticed what a horrible mess it had become out there.

So I decided to clean it.

Then, as I cleaned, I noticed that one of my glass storage shelves was sagging.

So I decided to fix it.

And after I fixed it, I decided I might as well completely reorganize my storage system and color layout as I was putting all of my glass rods away. Unfortunately, this required me to cut about 800 feet of PVC into 1 foot lengths in order to create new storage pockets for all of the weird, random rods that I've accumulated since the last time I organized my glass.

To do this, of course I had to get in my car, drive to the Depot and buy some PVC.

Anyway, to try and shorten this long and extremely boring story, about 4 hours later I had completed my tasks but was so sick of the sight of glass that I actually felt a little bit queasy at the thought of even touching a bead.

Also, I stabbed myself in the fingers so many times as I picked used rods up off of my table that I now totally understand how diabetics feel after they have to test their blood sugar, like, 20 times a day. I don't think I can use my hands for anything more useful than petting the dog for at least a week.

So, in the meantime, here's some pics of beads that are listed or will be listed in the next couple of days.

On Etsy

On ebay I've got my ~Palm Beach Hollows~ listed now and I'll be putting up the organic focals a little later in the week.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So, I was arguing with my daughter last night...this is something we seem to do often these days. She is nearly 11 going on 16. I don't know if the eye rolling, huffing, laziness and smart mouth are all part of the deal at this age. I don't remember acting like that until I was about 12-13. Does it start earlier now? I think it must

She's always been such a sweet girl and is still young for her age in many ways. But in some ways now, not. I don't really know much about children. I was the baby of my family, five years younger than my sister. I've never spent a lot of time around kids before having my own. By choice. So my knowledge of preteen girls is extremely limited.

Anyway, we were arguing furiously when - to my surprise and my daughter's horror - I suddenly burst into tears. Very uncommon. I am not a crier.

Needless to say, the argument wrapped up quickly at that point, but the emotions stayed with me. Because, in the middle of our battle, as I watched this child who is no longer so much a child, I was overcome with an image of her as she was just a few years ago. A sweet smiling, round cheeked little angel who always had a silly face to make and a hug for everyone. Who would go into the woods and collect treasures and make pictures just for me. Mommy's butterfly girl, always.

As these pictures flashed through my head, I realized how short this part of our time together is. This is the beautiful, golden time when there is still unconditional love in it's purest form and the time when parent's are not just necessary but wanted - not yet a burden to be endured or an obligation. And I know how quickly it will race by. Already she prefers friends to family. Already she opts out of certain activities that she used to love. In so many ways, I'm so proud of how she's growing up. I love watching her change and begin the journey that will take her to the person she'll someday become, discovering new interests, developing her own style.

But in so many ways, I hate even the idea of her changing. No, not hate. Just...can't really accept.

I don't want these fleeting times to be filled only with memories of petty bickering. I never want to look back and regret the distance between us, the harsh words, the anger. But I also don't really know how to deal with some of her behavior. I can't just let it go.

Can I......?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, we all survived the weekend. Barely. I don't think I'm quite sane anymore but I am present and accounted for.
  • It rained when we first got there. It was dark and we couldn't get set up quickly, so a bunch of our stuff got wet, including bedding and the inside of the tent.

  • The temperature dropped into the 40's. Did I mention that our bedding was wet? Ugh!

  • Connor got lost in the woods. In the dark. Twice. Well, once he wasn't lost, he just left camp with a group of kids and didn't check in with anyone. It was scary. The camp is a very big place, 100's of acres of woods, on the banks of a huge lake. There's lots of danger out there.
When people think of Florida wilderness, I think they mostly think of alligators as being the dangerous creatures. They don't think of all the other scary things that lurk in the pinewood hammocks.

Rattlesnakes and pygmy rattlers, bears, panthers and bobcats, coyote, water moccasins, brown recluse and black widow spiders and, yes, alligators. To be perfectly honest, it's the snakes that scare me the most. Yes, very frightening.

He was pretty scared the night he got lost, too. He's still afraid of the dark and he was totally on his own in the woods. He went off with another, older boy and then the kid ditched him. I don't think he did it on purpose, just being careless. The other kid is 10. Connor is 6.

On a happier note, the kids both got to shoot BB guns and practice archery. They raced pinebox derby cars. Connor was actually a finalist in the Rain Gutter Boat Races. He was only beaten because his opponent, an 11 year old girl, was taller than him and better able to reach her boat. He just couldn't get high enough to blow on it as well as she could. Still, she barely beat him. She went on to win the entire thing.

It all worked out in the end, though, and the kids didn't want to go home!

Safe and Sound

On a work note, I stumbled across this piece of jewelry, made with one of my margarita beads, yesterday. I thought it was so cute, I just had to post a picture of it.

You can find this and other creations at the beautiful Mermaid Creek shop on Etsy.
I'm a huge fan of her jewelry. In fact, this is a piece that I've had marked as a favorite for a long time. As soon as I make enough money to do more than just cover my bills, I'm going to get it for myself. So pretty! !!
I've got some new things to list on Etsy myself, so I'll update in a day or so to show you what I've got.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Into the wilderness

Well, I'm off. Off to the deep, dark wilderness. Actually, I'm off to the Boy Scout camp about an hour away from my house. But still... I mean, an entire weekend with a huge group of little boys shooting BB guns and bows and arrows and running around in the middle of the night? I might as well be in the darkest heart of Africa.

Should be fun!

The whole family's going on this trip. Well, all except Duffy. He's not allowed. Apparently, the Scout's think he's.....a DOG!!!! Quel horreur!

Does this look like a dog, I ask you?

I've also made a pivotal decision regarding my lampworking future. I've (be calm and don't panic when you read this) decided that (seriously, STAY CALM, I beg you) it's time for me (deep breaths, all) to (here it comes) join a group.

OMG, there it is. It's out there. I said it.

I, Laurie Whitney, notorious loner and anti-joiner, am considering the possibility of joining the local chapter of the ISGB, the Florida Glass Dragons. Don't ask me why. In the 3 years that I've been lampworking, I've never joined or participated in anything with fellow craftsfolk.

I am not a joiner by nature. I like my own company and I am horrendously shy about my work. That's one of the things I like most about this job: the solitary nature of it and the relative anonymity you can achieve by communicating via the Internet.

That sounded a little creepy, didn't it? Sorry.

Anyway, lately I've been feeling a little bit lonely for like-minded conversation and a little bit of fellowship.

I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I've got auctions ending: ~Ba Da Bling~ and ~Xmas Coffee & Donuts~ are ending this weekend.

And I've got some new things posted.
Have a peek.

These are some new focals that are currently listed on eBay:

~Sweet Dreams~

~Dream On~

and these are some new things up on Etsy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A little dis and dat

Wow, another busy weekend!
We had our annual Veteran's Day party. It wasn't as hectic as usual. Normally there's around 50 people, this year a little more than half that many. It's more fun that way. I actually get to talk to people instead of dashing from group to group for about 74 seconds apiece and then moving on.
Plus, since the kids are older now I don't have to constantly wonder about them. They're much more self sufficient now.

Then, on Sunday we took the kids to the fair, as we always do. That was a little stressful. I accidentaly got into a word fight with the chick in the the lemonade stand. I'm a really calm person, for the most part, and am used to dealing with difficulties. But that one just sent me over. I'm not going to go into any tiresome details but lets just suffice it to say that:

1. I don't like people who are self-important and arrogant and

2. I hate it when people mouth off to me.

Well, in any case, I don't think she'll pull what she tried with me on any other customers, that's for sure.

Here's a picture of one of the Monarch's the kids 'hatched' this year. It was a very friendly one and didn't want to leave. Please ignore Connor's 'bed head'. He's growing his hair out and right now the style looks a little bit like my mom's. Sorry, Mom, nothing personal.

Finally, on a businessy sort of note, everything on Etsy is still marked way down, so try and check it out.
I've also got some new beads listed on eBay right now.

~Ba Da Bling~

~Coffee & Donuts~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack the Vote!!!

What a great day for America!
No matter who your choice was, no matter what your political views, this is an accomplishment that we should all look at with pride. Finally, American's were able to look beyond the color of a person's skin and make a choice based on ideas, beliefs and common goals. Make a change that's been too long coming.

Will he be a perfect president?
Of course not. No one can.
Will he accomplish everything he sets out to do?
Most likely not. That would take a lifetime.
Will he solve all the problems we face as a country?
Impossible. This didn't happen to us overnight and it will take a long time to fix.
But I do believe that he has a vision that he will fight for. I do believe that he wants to end the war as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of our soldiers safety. I think he'll fight to get our economy back on track, rebuilding jobs and the dream of a future for our children. And I think that our tax money will be put to better use than it has in a very long time.
Interesting times ahead, to be sure.

Now, how about a woman next time?
We can do it, you know we can!

P.S. Completely off topic, I've marked every single item in my Etsy shop down 20-25%. Come check it out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote!

I always loved that slogan to push young voters to the polls. It was quite effective.

Did you vote?
I just got back myself. Helping make history, one way or the other.

Hope everyone had a spooky Halloween. We did. Lots of candy was eaten by all and we had a chance to see our neighbors and socialize a little bit. Very fun.

I'm on my way over to Etsy right now to mark down a bunch of stuff. I'll post again when my discounts are done. I've got to start moving some things out of there. We're in a major financial crunch right now, so every little bit helps.

Right now on Etsy I've got some holiday cuties listed:

~Snowy Guys~

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