Friday, August 7, 2009

New Super Sale Item

Most importantly, I must acknowledge the passing of the great John Hughes, whose movies were such a part of my youth. I mean, I was Molly Ringwald. A piece of living Americana was that man. Bless him for his understanding, for his insight and for the way he gave independent thinkers and those on the fringe a voice.

Less importantly, as you might know, I've been listing lampwork glass bead Super Sale items in my Etsy shop for the last couple of days. These are items that are immediately available and that I've discounted as much as 30% off of their regular prices. I'm trying to clear out some things to make room for upcoming holiday beads.

I wanted to share a quick picture of todays item, a chunky sea shell focal in fantasy blue colors:
~Blue Lorelei~
Thanks for looking!

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