Friday, December 18, 2009

Slooooow down

I can't believe it's down to the wire! I mean, all the buildup, all the waiting, all the hype and traffic and marathon shopping sprees and now it's almost here. The older I get, the faster Christmas arrives and the less like an 'EVENT' it seems and more like something I need to write down in my organizer so I don't forget about it. I know, I know....that's just how it goes. Everyone feels that time goes too fast and that they're overscheduled.

But I'm not everyone. It bothers me to see my life racing past in a flurry of packing lunchboxes, doing laundry, running errands, cleaning bunny cages, taking kids to practices and making beads. (O.K., I actually don't mind to beadmaking, but the rest of it is just so..... so.)

What about all the stuff in the middle?

When do we get to do all the other stuff. The cool stuff. Where is the 'beef' of life, if you will. I've been thinking about that these last couple of weeks and so I'm determined to enjoy these holidays and not spend them stressed out, racing around town trying to make everything perfect. Last year, we got so busy we didn't even have time to make the gingerbread house, for crying out loud.

I'm done shopping and I'm going to get everything wrapped today while the kids are enjoying the last day of school. Then, we're going to just unplug. We're going to take a couple of little road trips to visit places I've been wanting to see for a while. We're going to do some Christmas crafts, make that gingerbread house, cook up some s'mores in the patio fireplace, take the dogs to the dog park... whatever strikes our fancy. No schedule, no little calendar book to keep me on track, no stress. We're going to kick back, get the frenzy behind us and just do a little living.

I hope you all do the same.

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