Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cleaning out the stash!

I've got some new things coming but, in the meantime, I'm clearing out a lot of old beads. Some are perfect but some are wonky, confusing and downright imperfect. They're all sound, useable beads, though - annealed, cleaned and made with premium glass.

The first thing I've listed is on eBay for a starting price of just 99 cents!!! It's a lot of over 100 silver glass beads. The profits from this lot and the others that I'll be listing will go towards a fundraising project of my daughter's, a local animal rescue center. It's a good cause, so come check it out!


mairedodd said...

oh, that is great - will check it out...

Maybeads said...

That's awesome! Gorgeous beads for a great cause. My son "commissioned" me to make a cat bead and we donated the proceeds to our local animal shelter. We just got two kittens from there - really a great cause. Good for your daughter!

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