Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I hate to laugh, but....

I stayed up too late last night watching stand-up acts on YouTube. I'm not much of a YouTube utilizer, but there are certain videos and comedians that I can only catch there - like one of my favorites, Russell Brand. He's been touched by the American PR wand lately because of his whole link-up with Katy Perry of whom I am not a particular fan. Not a hater, just lukewarm on her work, I guess. I mean, 'I kissed a girl..." and all that? Well, um, who hasn't? kidding

I only became familiar with Brand a couple of years ago when he snatched the spotlight from that formulaic comedy super-star, Adam Sandler in 'Bedtime Stories'. After I watched that movie (with my kids, obviously), I had to come home and look him up. PRONTO!

He has the same dark-eyed sexiness with a quirky twist that Johnny Depp has, only without the sometimes awkward-making level of intensity (plus, Russell Brand is considerably taller). He's slick and witty, but also quite honest and self-effacing in his humor.

In fact, there are times in his act when I feel uncomfortable about laughing. Yes, I am aware that laughing is the point of it and he's very cool and beautiful and sexy and 'most stylish' and 'best shagger' and all, but he also has this vulnerability that makes me feel bad - like he was maybe a dorky kid and he's overcompensating for it now. I sometimes end up feeling like I'm laughing at him and not with him. I don't like laughing at other people - it makes me feel bad.

image courtesy of: www.myparkmag.co.uk/


gongyandsquish said...

Okay, I'm intrigued. I'll have to check him out. I only know about him b/c of the tabloids.

Mermaid Glass said...

OK, you should check him out. Don't be alarmed. He can be raw and maybe offensive but he's very witty and eloquent while he's doing it.

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