Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help your fellow artists - support the AGLF

Please visit the AGLF Etsy store.

There are so many beautiful items donated by various artists to choose from - these are just a few - and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the AGLF. The AGLF is currently helping to fund the legal defense of 30 glass artists, jewelery designers and other indie craftspeople who are being sued after speaking out about a bogus tax fraud website that targeted dozens of small business owners last year.

Some (but not all) of these defendants actually sued the originator of that blog, forcing her to admit that she was the sole author of the site which features a fictional 'team' of tax investigators. It was all a fabrication, created to perhaps destroy the business reputations of dozens and enact revenge upon a select few. Ultimately and unfortunately, that suit had to be dropped due to lack of funds before she could be forced to permanantly remove it.

Understand that many of the people originally listed on her blog were complete strangers to her but whose businesses were in direct competition with hers. Others that she targeted were people who had spoken out against her practice of purchasing lampwork beads from independent artists and then reselling them, claiming them as her own work which had been created in her studio in Italy. It's my understanding that the suit was filed against her merely in an attempt to defend against a campaign of lies and misinformation.

Please don't let this continue!

Several of the people currently being targeted by her had no interest in the original case, have never been in contact with the plaintiff, had no real idea who she even was until a process server showed up at their door. She has just arbitrarily picked them out of the artistic world and chosen to sue them. That's completely legal, believe it or not. Although she has no case against them they still have to spend their hard-earned money to defend themselves and I think we all understand how scarce extra funds are these days.

To have to take the income that's supposed to pay for food, medical insurance, school supplies, the electric bill, braces for the kids - and hand it over to an attorney to defend against this random person is virtually impossible for some of the defendants. So please, go check out the AGLF Etsy shop or visit here for more information and to donate directly to the Fund.

Every little bit helps.


mairedodd said...

this is a wonderful post, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention... i almost didn't comment because i followed the link right over to the shop (that healing hand feels like it should be mine!)

Mermaid Glass said...

It's scary, isn't it? That someone could just pick you out at random and try to destroy you through our country's legal system.

I personally have had to put my daughter's braces (medically necessary, not cosmetic) on hold indefinitely to pay legal fees for this. It's having an even larger impact on some others. It's a crazy world we live in, where this can happen.

Annah said...

Love the sea horsie! :) So cute. If only I wasn't unemployed :( Wahhhhhh!

Everton Terrace said...

I'm in total shock over this. Am going over to take a look now. I mean seriously??? Jaw dropping.

Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks so much for the support! You can also do a tag search for 'AGLF'. Many of those involved have items listed in their individual shops, trying to raise money that way. I know I am.

Cindy said...

Wow, this is ludicrous. So sorry to hear you are going through this - and how it is truly impacting your family directly.

joanne May said...

Your beads are always so beautiful. Stunning glass beads. I love them all.
I have just bought some from you!
I'm going to do a blog post soon about mermaids, so I will feature you and your lovely glass work. I hope that is ok? :-)

Best wishes.
Jo May.

sweet older sister said...

I too am sorry to hear about this horrible lawsuit. How unjust this world is at times.

Your work is beautiful! I love to look a glass work.

And I VERY Much enjoyed the Siren's Song.

May the days a head treat you and your family well.

Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks so much for your support. I'm sorry I've been away for such a long while. It's just been hectic and, to be honest, I haven't had the desire to post or talk lately. Lot's going on.

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