Monday, February 12, 2007

Up on the mountain

Hi All,
I know I said I'd have some listings this week, but I decided to hold off because we are going on a quick ski trip and I didn't want to be out of town when any auctions were running. I take my laptop, but I don't like to have to keep checking in on it.
This was a last minute trip for the combined birthdays of the kids and I. My birthday is the 17th, Connor's is the 22nd and Anna's is the 23rd. So we just sort of bunched them all together and decided to head for some snow. It's been a very difficult few months for the family, with my Dad's ongoing battle with cancer and the loss of my husband's grandmother at Christmas. And those were just the most dramatic. It seems like every week there is some new crisis. We finally gave up and planned a little trip.
I hope you are all doing well and enjoying whatever comes your way. I'll be in touch next week!

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