Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here I am again.....

That should be my personal tag line, "So, here I am....finally"
Seriously, I try to make it here, I do. It's just, I'm really, really busy. But I have been working. I've been listing on a regular basis and I've been filling custom orders like crazy. I'm actually a little behind, because I'm trying to get the kids organized for school. I'm also trying to spend some extra time with my little guy, getting him prepared for a full day away from me. Or vice versa.

Since really buckling down and focusing on my glass business for the past few weeks, I am finding out one thing.... I don't have the time to properly market it. I mean, I see so many artists out there that are totally flinging stuff up on every lampworking sight, networking like crazy, posting pictures all over creation, signing up to be featured artist in publications, etc.... And it's working for them, they're really getting it out there. I, unfortunately, don't seem to be able to do that. Internet marketing just takes up a really lot of time.
I mean, I have two little kids, pets, a house, a husband, a job. How are these other people doing it? I must learn their secrets! (Insert slightly evil sounding laugh here and picture me wringing my hands.)

I am liking Etsy though. I like the way I can put things in my little shop and not worry about them again. I don't have to constantly monitor them. Of course, I'm sure I should be doing more marketing over there, too.

Click here to visit my shop.
I did want to post a preview picture of the beads I'm listing on eBay tonight. It's impossible to see in this photo, but these beads are gorgeous. Very deep, lots of layers, and shimmery with reduced silver. They remind me a little of the waters off the coast of my favorite beach.

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