Friday, April 17, 2009

Random ramblings

I just have a few unrelated bits of info to share today so, here goes....

First and most importantly, my sons baseball team finally won another game last night.
Woo Hoo! Go Cards!!!
(This is only the second time all season they've experienced victory, so it was very sweet. They're not a bad team, just young.)

Second, I wanted to post a picture of a gorgeous lariat necklace that was made with some of my flip-flop beads. I hardly ever get pictures of finished designs so I had to share. I think it's so cute and fun. My copied image is not very good. The one on her blog is much nicer!

The designer is Kristen Latimer. You can view her blog here at and you can check out her items on Etsy at MJM Jewelry Designs.

Another fun bit of news is that I'll finally get to attend an event from the local ISGB chapter, The Florida Glass Dragons. They're having their Spring Fling this weekend at Rocio Bearer's studio in Cocoa.

I've wanted to become more involved in the local lampworking community for quite awhile, but I've always had schedule conflicts. So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. They are having some amazing artists demoing including Brent Graber and Pam Dugger! Woo Hoo (again)! So, if you're in the neighborhood, you should definitely check it out. You can view details about the event at the Glass Dragons website.

Well, I guess that's about it. Have a fun and fabulous weekend.

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