Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lisa Atchison

Today's post is going to be about one of my favorite beadmakers -Lisa Atchison of A Touch of Glass Designs. I've been a long-time admirer of her beads. They're amazing - full of beautiful, fluid motion and so much detail. I visit her blog from time to time to drool over her work.

A few weeks back, I was feeling down. Business was slow, personal issues were piling up, I'd just been targeted by the 'Fraud Police', etc... Anyway, I visited Lisa's blog and absolutely fell in love with one of her 'Abyss' beads. I commented on it and asked her about purchasing it. I felt like I deserved a little pick-me-up, and I just knew I had to have that bead.

Well, instead of letting me buy it, she made a gift of it. So sweet! Imagine my joy when it arrived and, not only was my dream bead in the package but another, equally gorgeous creation and a goody bag of fabulous supply samples.

Wow! I have to say it was the most generous, thoughtful thing anyone has done for me in a very long time.

And the beads!!!

If you're a beadmaker, you've probably had this happen: You see someone else's beads -whether online or in person - and you say to yourself, "I could totally make that" and then, very quietly inside your head, you say, "And I bet I could make it better."

Right??? You know you have so don't even try to deny it!

Well, I took one look at these beads and for one of the few times ever, I absolutely knew that not only could I not make these beads better I couldn't make them at all. In my dreams, I make beads like this!

Here are pictures, though they in no way do justice to the true beauty. I'm serious. In person, the color blending is perfection and they're so deep and sparkling you could get lost in them. The details and design are outstanding. They're just...wow.

If you've ever, for one second, contemplated purchasing one of Lisa's beads... DO IT! They're even better in person than they are in pictures - true works of art in miniature. (Although, not that miniature. These are substantial focals.)

Thanks again, Lisa. You're the best.

Of course, now I have a severe inferiority complex and can't even make myself turn my torch on. I mean, seriously, why even bother? : )


Keiara Wells said...

Oh this is a great post! I sometimes have those thoughts of not only being able to make something but possibly make it better. You're right on the money with Lisa's beads. I only wish I could create something so amazing! I am fortunate enough to own a few of her beads and they are simply stunning! She is an incredibly generous and sweet girl who also happens to be ridiculously talented :)

Have a great week! :) xox

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Laurie, thank you so much for the super nice post! I'm so glad that you liked the goodies and the beads:) It is so good to see your beads again!! You do such gorgeous work, and I have missed seeing it. (Thanks to Keiara also) Happy torching!!

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