Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something Blue....

Well, after many weeks away from the torch, I'm finally back at it. It's hard, almost like I'm trying to relearn how to do it. And it's weird. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it, how it takes you out of your own head for a little while and actually relaxes you. I wish I'd thought of that a few weeks ago when everything was going crazy around here. It would have helped.

Anyway, I made a ton of butterfly beads to send off to Beads of Courage (and I encourage all of you beadmakers out there to do the same). And I even managed to get some things made to list, too!

I've got this one in my Etsy shop right now:


Check back, because I have quite a few new ones that I'll be listing over the next few days. I've got some focals and some sets, some cutie beads and some organics.


Ruby Mountain Beads said...

Wow, this one is gorgeous!

Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks! :)

Lisa Atchison - Touch of Glass Designs said...

Laurie, Beautiful the colors and depth!

Maybeads said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

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