Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bunnies fly the coop...

...or hutch.

A good day, but a little sad. Two of the bunnies, Stairs and Star, found a new home today. I'm happy because the family that took them already has a rabbit and knows how to care for them. They got to go together, so they won't be lonely. That's good.

But those were the two that Connor loved best. He would sit with Star on his lap, playing video games and hanging out. He loved that little bunny.

And Stairs, the escape artist, everyone's little sweetheart. He crawled out of the cage when he was just 2 days old and got lost. We found him after an hour, miles (in bunny measurement) away from the cage, icy cold and grey. We were sure he'd die, but, no. He was a tough one and pulled through. Always the most curious and always the first to go exploring, the spirit of adventure is strong in him.

So, I get to face my little guy when he gets home from school and teach him yet another lesson on loss. But, at least this time, he was somewhat prepared for it.

Live long and prosper, babies.


mairedodd said...

oh how we hate to give our children news that upsets them... as you said at least this time he was somewhat prepared - and they weren't lost to the world, just relocated... and i know you guys have had some die... bittersweet life is... the picture is adorable... maybe you could put it on the fridge for him?

Kella said...

Golly this parenting thing can sure be tough but life is full of lessons and I feel blessed to have the oppportunity to teach some of them, as I am sure you are too.

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