Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back on Track

I'm back on the horse again, as it were. No more glum posts. The rainy weather is over and the October breezes have moved in. Perfect weather for opening up the studio and really getting my flame on. I've been working on focals lately and some dot beads. I like dots because they force you to really concentrate on the technical aspects of beadmaking; color reaction, size control, accuracy. If, as a bead lover, you think dot beads are simplistic, think again. They are one of the hardest kinds of bead to make, I can assure you.
Here's what I have listed on eBay this week:

My parents are here for the winter. Yay!
My daughter got moved out of her classroom at school and into a new class. The teacher/student ratio was over the legal limit, so they had to form a new class. Very hard on a nine year old to have to get booted out and start over from scratch after two months making friends and getting to know her new teacher. Booooo!
Well, speaking of Boo, I'll be working very hard and decorating my yard for the big Spooktacular that is my Halloween celebration. Can't wait. So fun!
Have a great day. (or week)

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