Monday, October 22, 2007

Coming around and going around

Wow, I thought I'd try something different this week and list a set of beads that I totally loved. They were the most gorgeous complex dots in these delicious autumn colors. I thought they'd go like wildfire.
Guess what....nada bidda. No interest. So sad. I just love them and think they are some of the prettiest beads I've done in a long while. Oh well, live and learn.

If anybody's out there, I'd love to hear some feedback. What's wrong with those beads?
Speaking of something different...I reached out to this guy I used to know in HS today. We were just friends but, after viewing some pics from my HS reunion, I thought, what the 'H', I'll see what he's up to. I haven't talked to him in like, 10 years. It should be fun. I'll keep you updated on what happens. It'll be like a tela novela!
Or not.

Pura Vida

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