Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Fever

Hi. I'm sort of on vacation and sort of on sick leave and sort of just lying on my couch watching the Olympics.

I love the Olympics so, it's convenient that I have a sinus infection that's making my head feel like I want to cut it off and bury it in the back yard. That way, I don't have to feel bad about lounging around yesterday and (maybe) today, watching all the sports.

Have you watched anything yet?

The big moment here was when Latvia beat the US men's beach volleyball team. My husband is Latvian but I was the one cheering for them. I always cheer the underdog and the US, like, totally owns beach volleyball so it was a interesting to see little Latvia whoop up on them.

Also, my kids have just one week of summer vacation left and I am taking it off to spend with them. Yes, we're all sick the sight of each other and can't wait to get back to 'real life', but I still want to take these last few days and go to the beach, Folk Art Museum, rock climbing, Sea World, bowling, the movies, the Aquarium, beach again, Disney, golfing, and Lake Eola to take a swan paddleboat out.

Did I wait too late to do all this stuff? Well, I'll fit in what I can. When I'm not watching gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and field.........

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