Monday, August 25, 2008

So much for that!

So, the storm did pan out, so to speak. We had some pretty high winds and tons and tons and inches and feet of rain. Had some flooding, but nothing we didn't expect. It did rain for 3 days straight, which was a little depressing.

Not as depressing as the fact that the kids were out of school for almost the entire week. We all got so excited about 'back to school' and then it was 'back to home'! Robert didn't work, either. The Space Center was completely flooded and they had some nasty wind damage, but they're recovering this week.

Also, my beautiful banana plants blew over! So sad. No Finger Sweets for us this season.
The worst thing about all the rain is that it brings the fire ants to the surface. Fire ants which I am allergic to. Fire ants which, of course, I stepped into and am now covered in bites from. Ouch!!!

I hope all my fellow Floridians reading this made it through with as little damage.

But, I've been working. I have new items on Etsy and I'll be listing on eBay tomorrow.

The discount code, which will be good through August 30th is:
10% discount Code #0841.
As always, if purchasing, send me an email BEFORE paying and I will invoice through PayPal accordingly.

I've been doing jewelry, if you can believe that! Here's some things that are listed or will be listed. I also have a bunch of new focals that I'll post pictures of tonight.

Have a great day, everyone!

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