Monday, November 10, 2008

A little dis and dat

Wow, another busy weekend!
We had our annual Veteran's Day party. It wasn't as hectic as usual. Normally there's around 50 people, this year a little more than half that many. It's more fun that way. I actually get to talk to people instead of dashing from group to group for about 74 seconds apiece and then moving on.
Plus, since the kids are older now I don't have to constantly wonder about them. They're much more self sufficient now.

Then, on Sunday we took the kids to the fair, as we always do. That was a little stressful. I accidentaly got into a word fight with the chick in the the lemonade stand. I'm a really calm person, for the most part, and am used to dealing with difficulties. But that one just sent me over. I'm not going to go into any tiresome details but lets just suffice it to say that:

1. I don't like people who are self-important and arrogant and

2. I hate it when people mouth off to me.

Well, in any case, I don't think she'll pull what she tried with me on any other customers, that's for sure.

Here's a picture of one of the Monarch's the kids 'hatched' this year. It was a very friendly one and didn't want to leave. Please ignore Connor's 'bed head'. He's growing his hair out and right now the style looks a little bit like my mom's. Sorry, Mom, nothing personal.

Finally, on a businessy sort of note, everything on Etsy is still marked way down, so try and check it out.
I've also got some new beads listed on eBay right now.

~Ba Da Bling~

~Coffee & Donuts~

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angelinabeadalina said...

Ba-Da-Bling is a lovely set! Sounds like the Veteran's Day get-together was a fun and relaxing time for visiting. . .and I am so with you on being able to enjoy things like that now that my kiddos are old enough to not require constant supervision, too :)

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