Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring....

(Otherwise known as, "Laurie's Descent into Madness")

First day of rain. Yeah, rain!!! We needed it so bad after 30 days without a drop, plants dying, lakes drying up, forest fires popping up all over the place and causing road closures (including the one my husband has to use every day to get to work!) Finally, rain. Don't you just love the sound of rain?

Two days of rain? Cool! This'll get us back on track and even help replenish our depleted water table. It smells so nice and fresh outside, too, like things growing. Plus, a rainy day is great for creativity. I can use a full day at the torch to work through this little block I've got goin' on.

The third day. I'm starting to get a little stir crazy, I admit. Would really like to go for a run. The kids are getting antsy, too. Still, I can use the time to work through this creative block that's a little tougher to break out of than I originally thought. I can clean the house, too. That needs done. And, my studio isn't so hot because it's nice and cool outside. (although I can't open the house up to enjoy it because of letting the damp in and making everything grow mildew and having all the cookies go stale)

Day Four. O.K., the pool is flooded and so is the screen room. So is the street. I'm starting to hear the peepers out in the ditches and there are ducks swimming in the yard. That's not good. Weeds are suddenly everywhere and the car is starting to smell a little funky. Where is the sun? This is getting old.

Did you ever notice how loud frogs are?

Five. F***ING RAIN!!!! Stupid, stupid water everywhere! Mold growing on house and car positively reeks! Ditches overflowing everywhere. Kids are total PITA!!! Rain sucks. Hate the sound of rain so much, can't even concentrate long enough to make a bead. Stupid, stupid beads!!!!! Stepped in duck s**t on my way to pick trash cans up out of overflowing ditches. Stupid ducks! Why don't you swim in the lake? Stupid trash man! I'm reporting you this time. I MEAN IT! Swimming pool is flooded all over patio. Will have to spend a fortune on chemicals to balance the stupid thing. AGAIN. Who's idea was it to get a pool? Husband? Stupid, STUPID husband!!!!



Deb said...

ROFL! Laurie I know it's not funny (I get as stir crazy as anything myself) - but I totally love the 'walk through' of feelings. Well put & brilliantly done!

I feel for you. We have just entered 'winter' a wee bit early. Torrential rain for days on & off....NO - we didn't need it!

Sweetwater Designs said...

:-O what happened to the lovely patter of rain drops on your window?

lol..thanks for the chuckle Laurie!
hope you're seeing some sun soon~

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