Friday, May 1, 2009

Ya know what I don't get?


Yeah, I get how it works, I just don't get why it matters. It's lame. It's pointless. It's incredibly time-wasting when we Americans allegedly barely have time to even brush our teeth in the morning, let alone alert the world at large that that's what we're doing, have just done or are planning on doing.

And the media? I'm embarrassed for them. The media is treating Twitter the way it treated Barack Obama six months ago. They're in love with it and can't stop talking about it. Why?

Is it because it's so easy to use that a donkey could figure it out? (I mean, politicians use it, for crying out loud!)
Is it because they're being paid to talk about it?
Is it because they think it makes them cool to talk about how they 'tweet'? (Little do they realize that they are rapidly making it uncool, just by their participation in it.)
Are they trying to recapture their youth? Because that's really who Twitter is for - kids. Only kids would find something so self-absorbed and inane to be worth the effort it takes.

I don't get it and - for once- I don't care. I'm usually very interested in new internet stuff but this one is just gonna have to steamroll on over me. It's idiotic and I'm not playing.

BTW, I just finished trimming my dog and I'm getting ready to cook dinner. Then I will go to a movie with my husband.

Just in case anybody cares.


Deb said...

ROFL - Laurie I am so with you on that!

I joined twitter upon recommendation a few months back, took one look & thought 'what on earth is the point'. After two days I still felt that way so didn't bother with it.

Weeks later I thought it might have improved & popped in again. Nope, it had got worse ...there was everyone posting links to advertising, their Etsy stores, websites & such.

Woohooo, I thought, now I know where to come when I want to get spammed!

I figured that maybe I am the only person in the world that gets irritated by logging into a site that seems to just have a huge amount of mindless promotion without offering anything else (like pretty images or a bit about the person....or even USEFUL information).

I must be obtuse. If everyone is just plugging away at advertising themselves, how many are actually reading others peoples promotions (let alone clicking on the links)....which begs the question - is anyone actually reading anything?

I know I'm not.
Call me thick, but it was only the other day I figured that at least I know where to go if I want to just plug a friends store & not really care about what anyone thinks....or if they even see it ;o)

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

I know, Deb, I did the same thing. I checked it out and decided it was pointless. Then a friend nagged me into joining anyway. Pretty quickly, I realized it was just another way to waste time and put myself out there as a 'spam bullseye'.

angelinabeadalina said...

I don't get it, either. But, then, I've pretty much quit doing anything except checking blogs and occasionally checking the "I Think" thread in LE's Family Room. I thought I was "getting" Facebook a few months ago. It was great to see a few of my cousins and have at least one old friend find me. Other than that, I couldn't keep up.

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