Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To clear up some things...

January 23, 2008
5:39 AM
To clear up some things.....
For some reason, I have been unable to respond to any recent comments made at the Mermaid's Tale. Sorry about that. I just wanted to clear up and respond, so I'll will dedicate this post to that mission:

Lynette - Thanks so much for asking about my dad. He had a clear scan this time and he is doing well. This was the first time in nearly 4 years that he has been relatively well and we are all taking a deep breath. I should have posted that information earlier but, I guess, when you get good news after so much bad news, you almost don't want to believe it. And you don't want to talk about it, draw attention to the fact that somebody must have made a mistake - we couldn't possibly be the ones with the good news.

Rebecca - Please don't think I'm making fun of anything British. Toad in the Hole? Love it! Love tea, love scones, love Prince William. Looove him! I feel a little pervy saying that but, seriously, how beautiful is that kid? And lil Harry is shaping up nicely, too. You should start a blog. I bet it would be liberating for you. I'll come read it.

Julie- Thank you! Now, the reason I don't make more beads is twofold. First, I don't have very much time. I have kids, do volunteer work, go to college and basically run every aspect of my small family/empire.

Second - and this is really the core of the problem - I make a lot more beads than I ever list for sale. I'm a perfectionist and I love to experiment. Not a good combination. It means I end up with a lot of beads that are interesting, but not good enough to sell. The only beads that I list for sale are ones that I am so in love with that I have to talk myself into parting with them. So, if you ever have any of my beads, you should know that they probably sat in this small, aqua-blue fused glass bowl on my dresser for about a month and a half, together with my wedding ring, two seashells and an acorn that my son picked up at the softball fields. I most likely picked them up several times, held them up to the light, showed them to friends and family, bought jewelry components to match them in the hopes I could make myself something beautiful out of them, and then finally admitted to self that self sucks at jewelry design and the beads deserve better. Then I list them for sale. If that information makes you uncomfortable, you should proably avoid my beads alltogether.

That's all I have for today. I'm working on some things but I haven't gotten pictures taken yet. Will be back with new stuff in the next day or so.
Have a great day!

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Hey, we British actually NEED to have fun poked! Does us good! Very pleased to know that the beads I have from you have sat for a while. Maybe that's why they feel so special. The more I look and handle them the better they get. Perhaps I will look into the whole blogging thing. Put the Toad in the Hole recipe up! lol
January 28, 2008 @ 12:02 PM

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Good for people to know.

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