Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pants on Fire

I'm a big fat liar!!!!!
I said I'd post and update and put up some pics and I didn't do any of that.
We ended up going to St. Augustine for a New Year's celebration and then lingering around for most of the next day, hanging out and wasting time. My friend and I took the kids down to the beach to play in the sand while the 'menfolk' busied themselves with football. Watching, of course, not playing. I'm giggling a little just at the thought of my husband in those pants. Not that he's not, like, totally hot and all. Seriously. Hot, he's damn hot, I tell you.
So, anyway, we were at the beach, bundled up in sweatshirts and sweatpants and, I think maybe some mittens. Meantime, the vacationers were actually in BATHING SUITS! And they were SWIMMING! In the OCEAN!!!!!!
It was shocking and just a little bit frightening. I mean, it was only about 75 degrees. What were they thinking? I mean, we're not savages, for crying out loud. If you must swim in January, at least do it in the Bahamas.
So, anyway, I have a few pics. Most of them haven't been edited but I do have a new set of Painted Ladies. I like the funky, fun feel of these and this is one of my favorite color combinations. They will be listed on eBay tonight.


~*Journey's End*~
And this is a gorgeous focal that I just love. I actually made it about two months ago, and just got a chance to photograph it. It has the most gorgeous, lush colors in it. I got an excellent reaction from Double Helix's Terra.

I do have several others, I just haven't had the time to take pics. But I will.
Have a great day!

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