Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tree frogs and other terrifying things....

Today, I had a near perfect day. I got a lot of work done. My kids barely fought at all. Hubby finished a complicated but necessary home renovation project. And, in the afternoon, all four of us went golfing. I know, that sounds a little dull, but it was cool. We all just had a blast. I let my son steer the golf cart for a couple of minutes. It made him feel very grown up. My daughter was hitting really well, so she was very proud of herself. She got to drive the cart by herself. She did a surprisingly good job. Hub is an avid golfer so he had a blast. I was pretty much along for the ride. I just dressed like a goomba and drank a couple of beers. It was fun and very relaxing.
So, being in such a benevolent mood, I thought that tonight I'd share a little bit about myself - not work, family or bead related.

The first ten items on my "Siren's Song" list:
1. I was voted 'Most Popular', 'Nicest' and 'Best Dressed' in Junior High.
2. Ironically (see 1.), I had barely a date or a boyfriend my entire High School career.
3. I despise the Hollywood culture and everything about it that the tabloids try to force feed this country. I think most celebrities are spoiled, narcissistic, neurotic, egomaniacs with little or no real skills. (Wow, Laurie, jealous much?)
4. I made a Life List eighteen years ago - before it was 'the' thing to do - and have only accomplished 10 things on it
5. I once had eight cats
6. Though I am not religious, when I am in an embarrassing scenario, I sometimes wonder if my deceased loved ones can see me and are thoroughly disgusted by the whole process.
7. I believe that being tall is the best thing EVER!
8. I hate squirrels and fear both raccoons and tree frogs. (There's a story to support my Tree Frog Phobia, but I'll need about a bottle of Pinot before I divulge!)
9. I love the ocean but am deathly afraid to go under water.
10. Ding-Dongs are my favorite snack food. I can eat a whole box by myself in one sitting.

Wow, I'm drained. I feel so.....empty.

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