Monday, October 27, 2008

Too much to do!

So, I haven't posted in forever. Not because I don't have anything to say; I have too much going on. No time. Must have rest.

Must interject. Am accidentally watching a movie with Kim Basinger in it while I write this. How the hell does that woman get hired to be an actress. She is so crap! If I was as bad as her at what I did for a living, I swear I'd go on welfare.

Seriously, I feel like I haven't had real sleep in days and there's just more of the same ahead.The kids are too busy. I'm too busy. We're all run ragged. I've had so much going on that when my friend asked me what I did over the weekend, I honestly couldn't think. I know I did a million things, but I could barely sort it out in my head.

So here goes:

I've made about 200 beads, photographed them all, edited the pictures and started listing again.
I've been camping. Again.
I've Christmas shopped.
I've birthday party shopped.
I've been to a birthday party.
I have constructed a butterfly habitat and assisted in the metamorphosis of 6 Monarch butterflies.
I've volunteered at school 5 of the last 10 days.
I've been to 2 soccer practices and 2 soccer games.
I've been to 4 swimming practices and a swim meet.
I've hosted the Den meeting for Cub Scouts.
I've chaperoned yet another field trip.
I've have done all of the fall cleaning, trimming and landscaping for the entire yard. It's an acre of manicured veggie, tropical and perennial garden.
I've been to a Cheetah Girls concert. (Isn't that enough, for the love of God!)
I've cleaned my carpets.
I've purchased and begun to prepare food for a party of 50.
I cleaned my entire house in preparation for the party. (And I'm talking 'Party Clean' not 'Family Clean'!)
I made my son's Halloween costume.
I made my son's 'Hoe Down' costume. I had to do this because the school thinks Halloween is offensive and won't allow it to be recognized so they have an alternative party. How queer is this?
I made my daughter's Halloween costume.
I am on a diet.
I have lost 7 pounds.

I have lost my mind.

Oh yeah, and I still did all the rest of the stuff that needs to get done on a daily basis to keep this machine I call a family running.
I am so tired that I can no longer sleep.

I made these beads.
They are for sale.
There will be more soon.
Seriously, lots more. I'm looking at, like, 7 more focals and three more sets right here on my desk. I'm just too tired to finish editing them.

~Siren Song~
(This is, perhaps, the most beautiful bead I've ever made)

~Spice Island~

~Candy Land~~He Said~ (Yes, there is a She Said)
~Serenity~~Silver Tiger~

~Silver Tiger Focal~

1 comment:

Deb said...

Laurie - WOW! I got worn out just reading your list ....but couldn't help but smile when Aerosmith singing "Pink" kicked in - lol!
Have you seen the video to that - it's hilarious!!

Your beads are fabulous, as always - I hope they get snapped up really quick & make the icky part of editing the photo's seem worthwhile ;o)

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