Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How pretty is this?

Just had to pop in and share.

A while back I did a trade -my beads for some findings (which I still haven't had time to use) - with a beady friend, Dhea Powers. She sent me a pic last night of what she made with them and it really turned out beautifully.

Mine are the leaves. I love those acorns, though. I'm not sure if she made them or if they were from someone else.

Of course, her work is always gorgeous. She also makes the most amazing boro beads. Here's a link to her Etsy shop:


angelinabeadalina said...

Very pretty, Laurie and Dhea! The leaves and acorns are done in such wonderful harvest colors, and the whole thing is just so pretty :)

Chelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous Laurie.
It's Michelle (Chelle's' Art Glass) here from LE.
Anyhow, I've just tagged your blog. Hope you join in.

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