Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it 2009 yet?

It's a jungle out there!

I just started shopping and it's crazy out there. Usually, I start scouting for those 'perfect somethings' in the summertime, but this year I just had no get-up-and-go, I guess. The commercialism makes me queasy. So does the economy.

So does the media.

They've been beating us down for months about how bad the economy is, how people are losing their jobs and their homes and can't afford to buy a winter coat.

Yet, suddenly, when I watch the morning news, it's full of "The Season's Hottest Toys" and "Don't Forget to Buy for So-and-So". Admittedly, it's all budget minded, but still....

I mean, my daughter watches the news, too. She's confused by all of the, "Hey, we're broke and the average family has 10 grand in credit card debt and can't pay their mortgage, but go ahead and by that new IPhone or flat-screen or Wii. You can deal with it later." Very unsettling.

In protest, we're having a "Cash Only/DIY" holiday. If you can't afford to pay cash for it, staying within a set budget, then you have to make it yourself. Each gift must be personal to the individual receiving it, well thought out and created to the best of your ability. I anticipate the most meaningful Christmas ever!

Off-topic Topic:

Has anyone read "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver? I can't believe I just got around to it. Wow, what a powerful read.

An amazing book full of insights into human nature, politics, religion and history all with a rather light touch. There's such a wealth of human emotion but it's constrained within such beautiful prose that it sometimes sneaks up on you. That can be rare in some of the heavy-handed novels today. There's a line in the Author's Notes portion of the book where she thanks her parent's for teaching her to navigate the path between 'righteousness and what's right'. I loved that.

If you haven't read it, you should give it a try. It might be your thing. And it's a strong antidote for some of the confusion of this season.

Hey, I guess I wasn't off topic, after all!

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