Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy days

Wow, what a busy time it is right now. February is always like this. Too many birthdays, too many sports seasons starting, too much work.
On a bright note, my cousin found me on Facebook, so that was cool. We were close as kids. She's only a couple of years younger than me and she also has a younger sister. We have another cousin, Tracy, who is a year younger than I am. When we were little, we all used to have so much fun together. Then, her parents divorced and she moved. Our other cousin lived in Southern Indiana so we didn't see her as much. My mother is not what you'd call great about keeping the family together so I think it's been at least 25 years since we've seen each other.

Isn't that crazy?
But it was great to know she's out there, still getting on with it.

Anyway, I have been utterly swamped with custom orders plus I got a bad batch of glass that set me back over a week but I do have some new things listed, in both Etsy shops:

At Mermaid Glass on Etsy

I've got this little cupcake listed, a la carte!

And, it's Flip-Flop season again! These are the first sets I've listed this season, but I have some new designs and color combos that I'll be putting up next week.

These are all listed at Starfish Cottage along with some other fun things my mom and I have come up with:

This cute little thing is a cozy for your iPod, iPhone, camera or whatever you want to put in it. There are several different colors and designs.

This adorable creation is a baby bottle cozy! Isn't it so cute? It even has a little clutch ring on it.

And here are some gorgeous, beachy earrings that I couldn't resist listing in this shop. A perfect gift item (for yourself?)

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