Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Do ya ever just have a 'duh' moment? I do, and quite a bit more frequently than I'd like.

I haven't been making many beads lately because it's been so incredibly cold in the studio. (I don't care what any of you northerners say, 54 degrees is COLD!)

So, last week, I was at the torch, just playing around, and I made this gorgeous focal. I loved it instantly and decided to make a small set to match. They turned out fantastic. Beautiful depth and color and design. I was very happy with them when they came out of the kiln.

A few days later, I was on my computer, thinking of putting up some listings on eBay, when I ran across a picture of those beads.

Conversation with Self:
Did I take pictures of those? I don't even remember cleaning them. Oh, well, cool. I hate taking bead pics, so I probably blocked it out.

I look closely at the pictures, squinting in concentration. Something is wrong. There are seven beads. I know for a fact I only made six. What the hell is going on? And when did I give them a name, anyway?

And then, I realize -it was a set I made over a month ago. Almost identical to the set I just made.

This is the first set

And this is the second set. Are you kidding me? I forgot? What a loser!

Here's the focal. It's so fab, I have to show three different angles of it. And no, I don't think I'm being conceited by saying that. When a bead turns out this pretty, I don't feel like I had much to do with it, other than holding the rods. The glass was just having a great day.

And don't worry - when my beads are crap, I also blame the glass.


Jah-Jim said...

Greetings Laurie,

Congrats on your life, blog, family and these beautiful BEADS! I personally like both sets a lot, and find both like the waters of Eleuthera where I lived for 18 months. The deep blue is so clearly the close in deep water on the Atlantic side, where the lighter swirly blue is the shallows on both sides, the swirly green is primarily in the West or Caribbean side of the isle.

Your focal is very nice, but I wish it was the pendant on a necklace of all 13 other stones, the six places in between each of the seven. (I'm likely the oldest surviving idealist you'll ever meet).

Lastly, I must share my advice that the bead arrangement BETWEEN your beads works much better in the first, with the round with straight in the middle. To me, it just showcases YOUR beads so much better and I'd recommend that arrangement be used whenever you can.

I am sorry I don't just have the money to commission it.

Thanks, blessings and continue your good work and worthwhile life.

Jah bless,


Reggae and Ethiopian Archives, since 1981

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

I love getting feedback and I have to agree about the spacers. I think it works better, too. It gives more negative space, making it easier for the eye to pick up details in the positive space.

And lucky, lucky you to have lived on Eleuthera. I've had the priviledge of visiting many islands but never yet fulfilled the dream of living on one.


Blessings to you as well and wishes for all good things to come into your life.

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