Thursday, March 5, 2009

Benefit for Zachary Cruz

I just wanted to add a quick note.

Many Etsy sellers have added the tags 'for zachary' and 'zachary' to items in their shops. They will be donating all or a portion of the profits of the sale of these items to the family. I've tagged several items in my shop already and will be adding some more. I'll be donating 100% of the profits to Zachary's benefit fund.

I know it's tough economic times. I do, but I would encourage anyone who is able to please participate in this. You can read more about it in this Etsy thread.


Patty said...

Laurie, this makes me so sad. Let me go see how I can help.

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks for your help, Patty!

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