Monday, March 16, 2009

New stuff...stop laughing, I'm serious!

I don't have much time tonight in between swim practice for one and baseball practice for the other, but I wanted to post some pics of new stuff.

First of all, my mom has some absolutely fabulous knitted items at our Etsy shop, Starfish Cottage. You really should come check them out. Her things are beautiful, well made, very reasonably priced and absolutely practical. Here's a sample:

Coffee Cup Cozy - cute and useful!

These are cell phone or iPod cozies and they come in tons of colors and designs. They are so great! I have one and I haven't missed a call due to a misplaced phone since I started using it.

I also have some listings coming up in the next couple of days on eBay. Yes, that's right, I said eBay. It's been so long since I listed anything there, it took me all afternoon just to get the auctions set up. Anyway, I thought I'd give them another try.

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