Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dawn Patrol

When I was much younger, I worked at a 24-hour restaurant. I worked the night shift because I was taking college classes during the day and, mainly I think, because I am a night owl. I liked being part of that secret life that only some people know about. The dark hours, where you never know what might be going on, when anything can happen or when things can be so still and quiet it's like you're the last person on earth.

My favorite thing about working through the night was that many mornings, when the shift ended, a group of us would do Dawn Patrol. We'd pile into our cars and head to the beach, usually getting there just before or right after sunrise. We'd sit in the sand, watching the sun come up over the waves, enjoying the soft, cool breeze that might be the last one of the entire day before that big ball of angry energy started beating down on us.

Sometimes, we'd throw one of the big blankets we kept in our cars down and just doze off for awhile, right there on the sand. Later, if the waves were good the boys would surf, the girls would walk the beach, get sunburnt, maybe sleep a little more. Just chill. Back then, there was plenty of time for everything to get done.

When I look at this bead, something about the colors and the movement reminded me of those sweet, beautiful mornings out on the sand with my friends. Of that time ofof endless possibility.


angelinabeadalina said...

Well, you already know I love the beach-y colors in this one :) Now that you've told us the dawn patrol story, I like it even more. What a great way to start the day (or put the day to bed if you're a night owl)!

Mermaid Lullaby said...

Oh, yes... beautiful, beautiful colors.
The treasure of a real Mermaid.

Laurie Green-Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks! This one is a particular favorite of mine. Good times, good memories.

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