Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinner out

I had a chance to get out and meet a new friend last night. When I heard jewelry designer Lorelei Eurto was going to be in town, I couldn't resist a chance to get together.

We'd exchanged beads and jewelry a few weeks ago and I became an instant fan of her work, so it was a happy coincidence that she was going to be working in Orlando for a few days. My friend and fellow Etsyian(er?), Kelly came along, too, because she covets my Lorelei bracelet and loves to meet new people (plus, it's always a bonus to escape the 'burbs in the middle of the week).

Kelly makes unique paper crafts, scrapbook kits and adorable vintage assemblages. You can find more like this in her Etsy shop, Gongy and Squish

Trying to get two kids out the door to different sports and make my way across town in rush hour traffic was a little tricky, but Lorelei was an angel. Her B&B was surrounded by restaurants and outdoor cafes. There was a soft, food-scented breeze whispering through the ancient oaks that line the street but, even though she was starving after a long day trapped at the museum, she patiently (only one desperate text!) waited for us. Thanks, Lorelei!

This is one of the funky, eclectic pieces in Lorelei's Etsy shop right now!

Anyway, we had a quick walk down a quaint brick street, ate relatively healthy food and had some good convo. It was a nice break from the daily grind and Kelly and I got tons of good advice and info. Plus, we got to make a new friend in the bargain.


Lorelei said...

Had the best time ever! You girls are a blast and I only wish we lived closer to each other!! I hope our paths cross again soon! xox

TesoriTrovati said...

How fun is that? It is so cool to see that there are real people behind your favorite Etsy spots and blogs and websites. To exchange ideas along with personal email addresses. To make that connection. Really sounds like you had a great time. I enjoyed reading all about it.
Enjoy the day!

gongyandsquish said...

We did have a fun night, didn't we? It was a great break from the grind!! :)

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