Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sound of silence...

Do you ever have periods of time where you just want to be quiet? Does the effort of talking, discussing, recounting experiences ever just seem to be too much work?

Well, that's how I've felt for the last couple of weeks. I just had no desire to communicate. I mean, sure, everyday conversations with family and friends I could manage. Those necessary words that must be spoken.

But I had no desire to hear myself or read any words I'd written. With blogs and Twitter and Facebook I just feel like I spend way too much time putting myself out there. It's exhausting, quite frankly. I didn't feel like promoting my work, sharing my thoughts or talking about 'what's going on' right now. I didn't even have a strong desire to talk about other people's work, lives and activities. So I had myself a little break and the time away was good. Cleansing, I guess.

In the meantime, I've been working. Working in my garden, working on my house, working on my friendships and working on....well, my work. I've even managed to get some new things listed on Etsy, too!

(I can't stop making these. I'm addicted to custom-blending my own glass colors and I'm fascinated by the results)

~Organic Essentials - Fresh~


gongyandsquish said...

I know what you mean. We are so plugged in these today all the time. It's nice to take a break. Your Walk in the Clouds bead is stunning by the way.

Kella said...

I so totally understand your need for silence, I am slowly becoming overwhelmed myself and I am trying to create the right balance between my life and my online life before I get completely run over :)

Lovly bead creatations, I particularly like the 'Organic Essentials'.

La Dolfina said...

I totally understand...
I'm so glad you listened to your heart and took a much needed break! It's nice to have you back :)
Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Patty said...

Laurie - I totally get it, and have been in that state myself recently. You just want to unplug. I think you made a wise choice to pick creative pursuits over the endless, mindless stuff that comes with the computer these days. And you have some beautiful results to show for it.

Perhaps we should all take a regular break from the internet.

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