Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beads, anyone?

Lots of new beads in my Etsy shop right now. With just 6 days of school left, I'm trying to stock up before the little darlings are released.

~Pink Gold~


~Lagoon Spacers~

Thanks for looking!


mairedodd said...

beautiful! i especially love antiquity... i know what you mean - i look forward to not taxi-ing back and forth between 3 schools... to not having homework... but then - they are home all of the time! which is wonderful... and makes me worry when i will get time to work! wonderful work...

Deb said...

They are all just beautiful Laurie - I'm particularly partial to Tangerine Dream - they look so luscious & creamy!
Then again I am also really liking your lagoon spacers...they look as if they'd go with a particular blue/green/teal that I am trying to match.

Patti's Artful Design said...

Your beads are exquisite, and your photography of them is amazing! I love your daughter's pict of the beach umbrellas too! Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely and kind words!

Mermaid Glass said...

Thanks, ladies.

It's been so busy the last few weeks, that I'm looking forward to spending some nice, relaxing beach time with the kids.

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