Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Something pretty!

~Jessica Earrings~

I love seeing where my bead babies end up. Aren't these earrings gorgeous? I love copper components but I never would have imagined these working with it (that, of course, is why I don't make jewelry).

Fortunately, Tari over at Pearl and Pebble could. The result: perfect, beachy little earrings. I wish I had them for my upcoming trip to the island!


Patty said...

I agree, Laurie. I would never have guessed those findings would do such justice to your lovely beads, but it totally works!

Pearl and Pebble said...

Thank you Laurie, I'm glad you like these. I love these beads!!! They are just perfect and the color is gorgeous:)

Createology said...

These are lovely and definitely would look perfect in the islands. Happy creating...

Pretty Things said...

LOVE! Looks like CiM or BullsEye -- that yummy look you can't quite get with anything else!

I ADORE the beads I bought from you, by the way!!!!

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