Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Come with me, my love...

Well, I'm back. What's to say? The beach was beautiful. Spiritual. Cleansing. Uplifting. Inspiring.

All of that and more.

Sometimes I wonder how I stay away for even a day, let alone a week, a month, a year. The sea really is home.
Philosophically, you may not agree.
You may not like to go into the water. You may fear it.
You may not like sand in your shoes. You may not like the rush of wind and sound and scent.

But it's inside you and making the connection to it is so elemental....


Just a few this time. As the kids get older, I find I have less time to dedicate to photography on our trips. Less time for everything, really, other than just watching them.
Overall, I'm feeling renewed and rejuvenated. So ready to work and get back in the studio.
Expect much beach and nature inspired work in the very near future.

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