Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, thanks to all who participated in the special discount on all of my beads for sale on Etsy and eBay. Some of you ended up with great lampwork deals this week. YAY!!!!

A/C still not repaired. BOO!!!!

My coffee and donuts beads were featured in a very cute blog this week. YAY!!!!

In fact, that was such a fun idea, I think I'll steal it. I'll scout out interesting blogs and items on Etsy and eBay to feature. If you'd like to submit yourself to be featured, contact me or leave a comment for me. I'd love to see what cha' got goin' on.

Took the kids to see "Journey To The Center of the Earth" in 3D. Wow, what a fun, if totally unrealistic movie. I'm not a movie person but the 3D action was very cool. I almost peed in my pants when the giant T-Rex popped onto the screen. And, the movie had something for everyone.

Josh Hutcherson for my daughter. She loves him but won't admit it.
Giant, creepy 3-D creatures for my son. He loves them and will totally admit it.
Gorgeous, blond adventure girl for my husband. No comment.
Brendan Frasier for me. Yummy. He's so tall which, for me is the first step toward a meaningful relationship.

So, I haven't had much of a chance to make beads this week. I mean, the temp in my house is about 100 degrees. Add the 1500+ degrees of my torch and the 940 degrees of my kiln and....well, I think you get the picture.
I do have a few focal beads that are coming up as well as a set of shells and sand dollars. I'll just show you now.

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