Monday, July 21, 2008

Rooty, tooty fresh and fruity!

So, I got my new A/C. Yay!!!! It works so well that, for the first couple of days, my kids were complaining about being cold - freezing - and my son wanted to wear jeans!

Needless to say, we've adapted. I didn't even realize how bad our old air conditioning system was or how used to the heat we'd gotten.

I'm all excited because my pineapples are finally starting to get ripe. I've already 'harvested' three of them. Soooo yummy!

This is what they look like when they're babies.

And this is what they look like shortly before I eat them!

We've also got bananas that will be ripe in a few months. They take a while, but they're so sweet when you pick them. Doesn't it look like some kind of obscene alien flower?

I've got lots of new lampwork, too. Several silver riveted Pandora - style beads on Etsy.

And this set, which will be going up on eBay in the next day or so. They are really pretty and the color is so soft and delicate. The glass is a color called 'Green Tea' from Effetre.

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εїз BorBoLeTA εїз said...

that precious and beautiful creations of nature, the stones (we call them by well here) beautiful¿¿¿

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