Friday, January 30, 2009

Starfish Cottage is now open!

I've been planning on stocking my other Etsy shop, Starfish Cottage, for a while.

Well, it's finally opened!

I'll be filling it with all kinds of coastal-themed gift and home items. Some glass work, some jewelry, some vintage things that I love to collect and then pass on. I've already sold one of my small mosaic birdhouse wind chimes. It was so cute. It went really fast.

Right now the shop has some beautiful knitted items that my mom made. She makes them to keep herself busy but she only has so many people to knit for. So I suggested she let me list some of her work in the shop.

I'm so nervous for her. I really hope she sells something. She's gotten so excited and so have I, picking out yarns and buttons and working on ideas. Her stuff is beautifully made and so amazingly comfortable. I especially love her Coffee Cozy and Coaster set. I'm making her give me a set of my own for my birthday.

Anyway, it would be a shame if nobody discovered her and she gets discouraged. She's having so much fun. So here's some pics of what she's got in my shop right now. She makes adorable kids hats and slippers, too. They'll be coming soon.

Seriously, come check them out.

I have a pair of these Footies and I absolutely love them. I never wear socks. Can't stand them. Too hot. But these are perfect. They totally breath and you actually forget you're wearing them. They're the best ever.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, how cozy those slippers look! Hearted ya :)

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