Monday, December 10, 2007

New Leaf Turning

Well, this is me, turning over the proverbial new leaf. Is that a proverb? I doubt but I'm going to leave it in just the same.
Well, I take my last Final tonight and then I'm done with the semester. That's another thing I failed to mention as a potential reason for my 'bad blogging'. I've been in school full-time this last semester. Well, part-time and two-thirds. I have two courses but they both have labs so that equals almost a full course load. For somebody who hasn't been in college for eight years, it's plenty!
I got an A in one class and I'm headed for an A in the other. I got completely swamped and totally stressed out and my husband kept saying things like "Why do you care?" and "The grades don't matter, you're not doing it for a degree."
Is he crazy? Grades don't matter? Puh-lease. I am incapable of doing a half-a** job on anything. Or not intentionally, anyway. Except this blog.
I'm also writing a book. I have been working on it for about three years and I'm nearly done with the final edit. I am hoping to have it ready for submittal sometime in January. Wish me luck.
In my spare time I like to volunteer with turtle rescue, work with puppies and small children and...... wait a minute. What spare time?
However, I did make these beads this week. They will be on eBay tonight.

Painted Ladies - RUMBA

Have a great day!

Posted by Kim:
Are the rumba beads from a Sarah Hornik class? They look like her inspiration. Pretty colors.
December 13, 2007 @ 2:43 PM

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