Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost in the woods

So, I'm back. Not from the woods, but from the swamp. I worked at a motocross race down in South Florida for the weekend. I don't do many races, but this is a track I like and we usually have a good time. I think the kids miss me because I'm gone from Thursday through Sunday night, but it gives us all a little break.

Also, my parents have headed back up North for the summer. That's always hard. The kids miss them and so do I. I get used to having them right next door and sort of take them for granted when they're here but it was hard pulling in on Sunday night and realizing that they weren't just a few footsteps away.

Bye Bye, Mom and Dad. See you in October.

I did get a little bit of work done and have listed a couple of things on Etsy. I'm out of oxygen so I couldn't get any sets finished for eBay this week. Hopefully, my tanks will be here on Friday.

Here's whats up on Etsy:

Just Beachy

Sunset Beach
I've got to run now. I'm conserving gasoline so the kids are riding bikes to school from now on. Since neither of them can be trusted to make it home in one piece without me, it looks like I'll be getting some extra excercise, too!
Probably not the worst thing that could happen to my ass, if I'm being honest.


varenia said...

sunset beach is beautiful! yes, we're conserving too... got the one-mile rule, must walk to anything within a mile... somehow walking to the donut shop just seems like more trouble than it's worth, hehehe :) have a great week!

Laurie said...

Good luck with your walking! I actually like the biking a lot. I used to ride my bike everywhere and do some distance riding as well. I got out of the habit after my son was born but am enjoying it again. I've lost 2 pounds, also!

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