Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roses and Chocolates! Not.

Guess what my husband brought home for me last week. You'll never guess. He's so thoughtful and romantic. I was floored, I was so surprised and happy with such an unexpected gift.
Did you guess yet?

A new exhaust system for my workshop!
How cool is that? How sweet and sexy and romantic. I'm being totally serious and not one bit sarcastic. I've needed a new, better exhaust for a long time. I work with a lot of silver and silver glass and my old system is just not up to par. It's very unhealthy to work around glass, not to mention enamels and frit and propane fumes without proper ventilation. I've been saving for a while, out of my little income, but I also need a new bead kiln and I just couldn't get both. So he got it for me as a surprise.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

So this is what I made:
A very beachy, lightly etched set of beads that that are much lighter than they look in the picture. These will be on eBay tonight:

A gorgeous, lush set of jewel toned beads that will also be on eBay tonight:
And this, which is quite possibly the most beautiful bead that I or any other person in the entire world has ever made. Hee hee! (Geez, full of herself much?)
Whatever, I do love it and am quite embarrassingly proud of it. I am undecided where it will be located. Probably on eBay.
Enjoy and have a puppies and bunnies kind of day! (oh no, not that shit again!)

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