Monday, April 28, 2008

More Summer Fun

Well, my first set of Flip-Flop beads sold in about five minutes. So, I've put another set up. These are actually even cuter than the first set. Probably I think that because I like blue so much. As if you can't tell that by the fact that virtually all of my beads are blue.
I worked at another race this weekend so I'm behind on beads again. My sister's birthday is today and I have to race around at the last minute and pull something together for that. It's not that I forgot, I just, confused about the date? Yeah, confused, that's it.

My daughter is finally having her birthday party this weekend. Her birthday was in February but, since she wanted a Luau, we had to wait until the weather warmed up and stabilized before we could schedule it.

Or, maybe it's just me in denial because my baby is 10 years old. Ridiculous.

Well, here's a pic of my flip-flops.

~Just Beachy Blues~

1 comment:

♥Michelle♥ said...

Oh Laurie those beads are so cute :)
I love them!

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