Monday, June 23, 2008

Any ideas?

Wow, how long is summer vacation, anyway? Two weeks in and already running out of ideas for things to keep the kids busy. The problem is that it's just so incredibly hot and humid they don't want to stay outside for very long. Getting cabin fever and I can't get any work done.

Anybody got any suggestions?
Other than locking them out of the house or into their rooms, that is.
By the way, I'm totally addicted to this ColdPlay song that's running right now. I can't help it. I'm a victim of marketing. I love CP anyway, because of their U2-derivative sound, but this song (plagiarised or not) just got into my head and won't get out.
" ....sweep the streets I used to own."

We are going on vacation next week. Usually we go up to Coastal Georgia or South Carolina, but this year we're only going to Sanibel. It's close and we're in economy mode, just like everybody else. I'll post some pics when we get back.

I've been working on some new lampworking techniques lately. I'm not ready to show and tell yet 'cuz I haven't gotten any pics taken, but I will soon.

The LEST sale is still going on at Etsy. Just search LEST or LEST SALE to see all of the great sale items from this talented group. Don't miss it.

I've also listed some new beads on eBay. This is probably all I'll be listing this week since I'll be out of town shortly. I'm still offering FREE SHIPPING on eBay items to all return customers.

I'm feeling very 'purple' these days.

~Fairy Forest~

~Jacob's Ladder~

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RockerJewlz said...

Okay, Laurie, this will take a little time and some thought, but might work...treasure hunts. Maybe once a week or a couple of times and each time you can have a theme to build anticipation...and even use for discipline purposes if needed and if they like them enough (i.e. no treasure hunt if you don't...clean your room...stop hitting your brother, etc)

The thrill of the hunt might get their mind of the heat/humidity to some degree and wear them out just enough for you to be sane and have a LITTLE torch time.

You could even have treasures at neighbor's yards to add more time for them away so you can work.

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