Friday, June 6, 2008

Block it out

I'm blocked. No, not in a gross, digestive kind of way. But still seriously, totally blocked.
I can't write in this blog. I can't edit my book. I can't make a bead. I can't make dinner for the kids.

Hell, I can't even make a dinner reservation.

I'm having some sort of crisis and I don't really know the way out of it. Part of it is stress, I guess. As you all know, the economy is horrendous and my husband's job is dependent upon an upswing. I worry constantly.

No biggee. It's me and everyone else out there doing the same thing. We'll get through it. We'll all get through it. This is America, after all. The greatest Nation on earth, by gosh-golly!

Please, oh please, do NOT get me started down that path. Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Back to topic.
Part of it is depression. School is out as of today and I've got a long, hot summer with two kids who fight like Tom & Jerry to spend it with. Two sweet, sweet little angels that are just growing up too fast.
What? Where the hell did that come from?
(Damn, maybe this whole problem is hormonal. Do I seem Hormonal to you?)

And part of it is just frustration. I don't know what else to do. I work hard. I think I make pretty beads of above average quality and list them at a reasonable price. I still can't hardly sell anything. And it's not the g*damn economy, either. Other people sell beads all the time, at outrageous prices.

It's me.

I'm blocked. Creatively blocked and I can't figure it out.

I suck.

Phooey, it is Hormonal. (Notice how I capitalize that word. It needs to be capitalized. It's a very, very important word.)

I do, actually, have two sets sitting in my kiln for the last two weeks that I've been too disorganized to photograph. I'll do that this weekend and then I want to hear you opinions on them. They are a little different from my usual style.

Hormonally different, you might say.

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