Monday, June 16, 2008

O.K., Moving on to more important things

All right, enough time has been spent on other topics. Moving along.

My kids are back after a week with their grandparent getting totally spoiled and being terribly missed. Sort of.
Also, we had a party on Sunday for some of my husbands relatives who were in town from Missouri on vacation. It was fun. None of us had ever met any of them, but they were very nice and normal in that Midwestern kind of way. (I am from the Midwest myself, and so can make comments like that without fear of censorship.)

Now, for business. I've got some new listings on Etsy and a set on eBay. I'll be adding another set and a couple of focals to eBay this evening.
As a little 'thank you' for all of your support, I'm offering a special discount to my return customers and Blog readers:

Free shipping on eBay items to any return customers, whether you've purchased on eBay, Etsy or from my website.
15% discount on Etsy items for Blog readers. Just add the item you want to your cart, but DON'T pay for through PayPal. After you've added it to your cart, send me an email letting me know that you're using the discount code:

I'll then invoice you through PayPal, with the discount applied.

I hope you'll take advantage of the sales. Now, a view of what I've got listed and a few of the upcoming items.

These are either on eBay, or will be in the next couple of days.

The bead below is just one of a full set called ~Fairy Forest~ that is destined for eBay
These are - or will be - on Etsy. I have several other new items, but am having some difficulty uploading pics to Blogger today. You can visit my shop to see what else is there.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

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