Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maybe so and maybe no

Have made amendment in post regarding Ullja Kuntze. One of her eBay ID's was definitely gerbera28. The gerbera31 is unconfirmed as possitively being another of her alliases. An Anonymous Someone sent me post stating that this user was from Russia and to be careful about posting false info about people.

In fact, the user gerbera31 is not from Russia but is registered as being from Germany. Ullja Kuntze is from Germany. I don't know where she actually resides. That is not to say that all people in Germany who like African Daisies are potential threats. I'm sure that gerbera31 is known to his/her customers and, if not Ullja, my post should have no bearing and should be disregarded.

At this point, I'm all done with the Ullja deal. I think most concerned parties are now aware of her and her business practices. I am not advising or encouraging people regarding how they spend their money or where they buy their beads. My warnings have been directed primarily toward lampworkers who might need a heads up about how their beads are being represented.

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