Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back on the horse

Well, we got most of the birthday extravaganza accomplished. My daughter is having her party in a few weeks because she wants a Luau and the pool is just not warm enough, yet. We're taking Connor to the Fun Spot, a small amusement center, on Sunday. But all the cake has been eaten and the gifts ripped open. That's good. I can breathe again. (and clean up the disaster formerly known as my home!)
I've been sick this week. Some kind of debilitating flu, combined with a sinus infection. I haven't actually left my house, other than to make a quick run to the post office. It's been horrible. So yucky.
I did make some beads last week that turned out very pretty. They are hollows and were extremely difficult to photograph, as is all glass, but I thought I'd post a quick picture. I hope to have them listed tonight, if I can get myself off the couch.

~*Ghost Dance*~


Nen said...

I love your beads... I'm going to check out your etsy shop! i would love to make beads!

Laurie said...

Thank you, nen. You should give it a try. It's fun and very relaxing (until you catch yourself on fire, that is.)

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