Friday, February 8, 2008


I never used to think that I had an addictive personality, but now...? Maybe. I have this particular thing that I made for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and I completely must eat it every single day now. Seriously. Every day.
Though I am rarely hungry in the morning, I always eat a little something because morning is when I visit my torch and make my lampwork beads. Can't have shaky hands when you are working in a 1400+ degree torch. Ouch! So I limit my coffee and eat a little something to keep me from getting wobbly.
Anyway, this is such a yummy, healthy breakfast, I must share.

First of all, I must also clarify that I am not a vegetarian. I don't eat red meat and poultry only occasionaly. I do eat seafood fairly regularly, though. However, that said, this is a vegan recipe.

1 whole wheat vegan tortilla - taco size (vegan not necessary, but I prefer)
extra firm tofu
mushrooms of your choice
onion (not scallions, they get too wilty. Need crunch.)
fresh spinach (not frozen. Too bitter.)
low sodium soy sauce

Cut up tofu in small pieces, chop onion, slice mushrooms thin.
Throw in a hot skillet with a few shakes of soy sauce and sear for seconds - just until browned
Loosely chop washed spinach and throw into skillet just for a couple more seconds
Drain juice (this is important or you will end up with soggy tofu and tortilla slop!)
place on tortilla, wrap and eat

It's a really simple breakfast to make and to eat, although you have to like veggies. The main thing is that it's super filling, very healthy and it keeps me going well into the afternoon! It has real staying power.

My favorite afternoon snack is:

1 firm apple (I use Fuji) chopped into smallish chunks
plain or vanilla yogurt
walnuts (some people use almonds, but I like the super-nutty walnut flavor)
a shake of cinnamon
*I use all organic ingredients

Mix this whole deal together and then eat it. More yummy!
Also extremely healthy and terribly filling. Lasts long in the tummy and packed with vitamins.

Well, I got an amazingly huge shipment of the most luscious glass last night so I'm going out to the studio to play and maybe come up with some new bead ideas. Yay me!

Have a healthy day.

P.S. Did you see 'LOST' last night? Thoughts? Please share. How about 'SURVIVOR'? Again, please share.

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